Gespa - Germanium balneotherapy and beauty salon
The effect of Germanium Bathing for 20 minutes equals to it of 2-hour aerobics. If you put your foot and hands into the Spa water, the composed Germanium is soaked into and runs all over your body by breathing through skin, and it helps accelerate perspiring in very short time. It is said this perspiring helps taking unnecessary fat, toxic, or waste material out of your body. As the result, it helps make blood clean and improve your physical condition to be ionized alkaline.

Benefits of Carbonic acid spring
Tiny bubbles of carbonic acid gas stimulates skins for good blood circulation, and it helps warm your body to the bone and accelerate perspiring.

3 major effects of Gespa
1. Burning fat
By enhancing the metabolism, it burns fat and helps calculate consumption.
2. Encourage your health
It helps increase oxygen in body and discharge waste material to make blood run smoothly. It also helps encourage stronger immunity and enhance natural healing power.
3.Being beneficial for beauty of body
It helps activate cells in body, and keep skin fresh, as well as preventing muscle decline.

Body Master
By converting the intensive gyration power to vibration, it resolves visceral fat and subcutaneous fat. As the result, it helps losing fat all of your body.

Oxygen Bar
Supplying Oxygen helps prevent rise of blood viscosity that is caused by perspiring of much sweat.

Services Plans
- Balneotherapy with Carbonated Hot-spring water, Body Master, and Oxygen Bar (Rental of wear is included)

Fee: 2800 Yen / 30 min

*Germanium Bathing 1,000 yen in the case of the use with the following treatment.

Foot Massage Treatment
Oils used for massage are blended in accordance with what care you like to have, such as for swelling, fatigue, coldness, or for slimmer legs.

- Oriental Style: By stimulating Tsubo (pressure points ), it helps adjust proper work of internal organs.

- Western Style: By accelerating the running of lymph under knees, it
helps get rid of swelling and fatigue of legs.

Our Foot massage has convened the both Oriental and Western style.
The rather painful-but-good-feeling is the feature of this treatment.
Massaging intensity is adjustable by request.

3,500 Yen / 20 min, 6,500 Yen / 40 min


Body Aesthetic Treatment
With Aroma treatment, Lymph Drainage, or Stimulation of pressure
point, it tenderly heals your body that has been tired with daily busy life.

60 min course: 15,000 Yen
90 min course: 20,000 Yen

Facial Aesthetic Treatment (use gold leaf)
Our facial aesthetic treatment is gently done with hands of each
technician without using machines. Not only regular techniques, we have
introduced original treatments including both methods of western and
oriental style, such as massage of lymph gland in face, stimulating pressure
point, so that we can meet various requests of customers.

60 min course: 12,000 Yen

[Package Plans]
Package plan for 120min Body Aesthetic Treatment and Gold leaf Facial

Fee: 24,000 Yen


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